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Year Round Group Programs 

Peewee classes (PW) : For ages 5-7 yrs: Duration – 30 minutes This PW class is for beginners who have had no prior training in Tennis. To form correct and sound foundation strokes, it’s important to start early. It’s equally important for kids this age to enjoy the sport, so fun and basics will be the theme. The kids will need to bring a junior racquet and water for this class.  The kids will be promoted to next level when they are ready (based on the coaches approval) Also, we recommend that a parent or guardian's is present during the class. Register here for Fall 2019

Advanced Beginner Classes ( AB ): For ages 7-9 yrs. Duration – 1 hr:
This AB class is for kids who have taken a few Peewee sessions or had private classes before. Based on the coach’s decision they will then be promoted to the next level. Basics are the main key to a solid foundation. Whatever age the player is, it is important to start the right way. It’s equally important for kids of any age to enjoy the sport,
so fun and basics will be the theme. Hand-eye co-ordination and basic running drills will be part of this clinic. Players will be taught with sponge, red and orange balls. 

Register here for Fall 2019

All Level Classes (ALL) : Duration - 2 hrs
The ALL class is for kids who have progressed from the 1 hr AB classes. They should be able to play to serve and play from the baseline (full court). These classes help in waking up your child's competitive side. They are useful in analyzing the different game styles by pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of other players. Even when doing stroke specific drills or footwork exercises, these classes are useful in pushing the player to do their best while watching and competing with others at the same level. We offer 2 levels in this ALL class : Intermediate level and Advanced level
Intermediate Level: This type of clinic is meant for juniors who have learned the basics but are yet to hone their rallying and consistency skills. Many new strokes will be added to their arsenal in this clinic like approach shots, serve returns and net game to get them to the next level. The class is very essential for kids to start playing tournaments.
The importance of consistency, length, direction, spin and power in the right order will be stressed upon in this clinic.
Advanced Level: his class is meant for tournament players of 2 age groups 9-14 yrs and 14-18 yrs. Players of the same level will be combined in this clinic to promote a healthy competitive atmosphere. This session will start with drills aiming at stroke perfection, footwork and positioning followed by matches or match-like situations. The true importance of a coach's supervision during match play will be apparent in this clinic as instant analysis of mistakes is key for improvement. Register for Fall 2019

Middle and High School Clinics: On select days in the week, we offer Middle and High School specific clinics. Please refer to our schedule page for times and days. Advanced level is then followed by the ITF level, Middle School & Varsity Clinic programs.
At all levels, our coaches help the kids set goals and project a well-defined path to reach those goals. Parents receive a written progress report at every step of the way! We also offer Tournament Trips. We, the coaches, travel with our kids to tournaments and chart their matches and thus their progress. For more about this, please contact us. Register for Fall 2019

ITF Special Training:
Your path to Middle School, Varsity,College and Pro Tennis ! THIS PROGRAM IS BY SELECTION ONLY. 

 You will be guaranteed personal attention along with the best coaching possible.  Our specially designed ITF/High School training program is meant to train students to play  on school teams and college teams too. We have been sending various players to Division I schools on scholarships.  The program will include plyometrics, gym workouts, match play, stroke correction, video analysis, strategy and  ladder matches and all that it takes to play school/college tennis.  This program is exclusive and is by selection only. We will set goals, project the path to the goals and advise you regarding tournament planning, registration, etc. Please call Coach KV at 408-340-0544 to schedule  a tryout.

We have 4 program options to choose from : 

4 days of ITF group training + 1 private lesson for $200/ week
3 days of ITF group training Only for $95/ week
2 days group ITF training + 1 private training with KV or Niru for $140/week
2 days group ITF training + 1 private training with our assistant pros for $110/week.

Payments are on a monthly basis for this program.
Lastly- NEW ADDITION *****2 days of 1 hr classes- $40/week($160 a month)-payable 2 months in advance.
Payment WILL need to be made on the 1st day of attendance EVERY Month.
Parents- please make sure to turn the checks on time and this will be strictly enforced.
Kids need to be flexible in case of schedule change.